If you’re like most of my clients, chances are you are in the top 5% of educators within your respective field, and you have transformed a lot of lives by helping people achieve their goals and reduce their pain. You also continue to study so that you can raise the standard in the fitness industry and serve more people.

However, maybe you feel frustrated that your content is not resonating, you aren't receiving the attention you deserve, or you don’t know how to grow the audience.

Maybe it feels overwhelming and you don’t even know where to start with your program or even how to get it out to your audience.

Or maybe you feel like everyone else is already saying the same thing, what can you possibly contribute?

I get it! The industry misses key components to actually building successful and sustainable businesses when it comes to messaging and marketing.

That is exactly why I created this program.

The cold hard truth:
Unknown = Unpaid

You will remain unknown until you master your messaging with a powerful product and position, and unknown keeps you unpaid. Can you point to even just one successful coach you look up to who does not have an impactful message?

That’s because they know what you might not have realized until now. When people have a problem, they search for a solution from an expert, and you are an expert.

They just haven’t found you yet.

This program is specifically designed to help you stand out with a specific message and get you paid.

Go from Smart-but-Struggling to
Smart & Successful with the

The complete step-by-step plan to help you go from starting to scaling. You will learn exactly what to create and how to get it in front of the people that need your program in order to work less while earning more.

You can expect to:

  • Receive clarity on your profitable product so that you can stop trading dollars for hours in the gym and start selling the transformations people want.
  • Learn how to create a powerful position in your work to set you apart from others and get noticed in a crowded market.
  • Grow your audience on social media with people who want to work with you.
  • Turn your audience into high paying customers by attracting them with your content.
  • Optimize your social media platforms so that you are set up to attract, connect, and convert your ideal clients.

Here is what is waiting inside for you when you join

4 key ingredients every successful fitness business has:

Business Fundamentals

So that you can stop chasing clients and money and start working efficiently with a well oiled business machine.

The single most important part of any successful business is

Building A Profitable Program

So that you can generate revenue doing what you love with ease and stop chasing dollar for hour.

The secret to standout in a crowded market:

Create Magnetic Messaging for Your Ideal Client

So that your content helps you  attract and connect with your ideal client and does the selling for you without spending hours on “What should I post?”

And stand out and help you be KNOWN for something.

The fastest and easiest way to generate 6-figures & beyond:

Module 4: The Purposeful Plan

So that you can create and follow an easy to use step - by- step reusable plan to systematically generate revenue to earn more and work less.

Organic and Paid Strategies for Facebook and Instagram

So that you can attract and connect with your ideal client the fastest most efficient way possible.

The best news? You’ll have LIFETIME access to this course so as it grows and evolves to be current and updated with the time,

You’ll also get the upcoming modules like paid strategies for

Organic Growth on YouTube, Pinterest, and Paid Strategies on Google Ads

And Also,
I’m starting another round of

PT Profit Formula Plus

this Monday, June 7th

PT Profit Plus is a 12-week group coaching experience where you will get live weekly Q&As and trainings where you will get your own questions answered about your business.

You will get questions answered that you did not even know you had listening to someone else's coaching call. Often the most seemingly general things are the most relatable. Chances are others in this group are experiencing different versions of the same obstacles you are overcoming.

Collaboration can be incredibly powerful, and can help provide you with ideas.

Networking within this community will help you grow your audience and customers.

Get Started Today

You will also get a 1-on-1 access to your coach via voxer so that you get the customized and community experience.

Here's how the trainings will work:

Each week I will hold you accountable to the schedule below, and I have also baked in 4 additional Implementation Weeks, so that you will have 4 months to get you to 100k.

Week 1
Define Your Next 90 Days & Clarify Your Offers

The truth about goal setting, how to set your revenue targets, and build your business model to work less and earn more.

Week 2
Identify Your Unique Method and Client Journey

Discover how to set yourself apart in the fitness industry and be the go-to expert in your niche.

Week 3
Create Content for your Ideal Client that Converts

Finally, the answer to “what should I create or post?” Master magnetic messaging so that you stop spending hours posting to crickets and no longer.

Week 4
Persuasive Copy and Unconscious Rapport

The art and science of human behavior and discover the truth about effortless selling.

Week 5
Messaging in Runway

Master the art of “non-selling” How to generate passive income in between your launches, and actually attract and grow an audience of ideal clients.

Week 6
Set Up Social Platforms for Messaging (Facebook | TikTok| Instagram)

Social platforms are the quickest way to attract, connect, and convert followers in customers, and I’ll show you how to optimize your back end to start earning revenue even with 100 followers.

Week 7
Copy writing Fundamentals Landing Page & Thank You Pages

Messaging and Tech of a perfected landing and thank you page.

Week 8
Messaging in Invite Stage

Exactly what to say and when to say it to invite people into your complimentary experience.

Week 9
Set Up Paid Traffic

Paid Advertising for the invite stage.

Week 10
Messaging that Creates Demand INSIDE your Launch

Create the content inside of your free experience that discredits the other options, dismantles objections, and creates demand for your offer.

Week 11
Setting up a High Converting Sales Page

Polish your sales page and increase your conversion rate from industry standard 2% to 7%

Week 12
Wrap up Launch Debrief Upsell and the Downsell

Review the performance, areas of opportunities and do it all again.

Here's how the Coaching Calls will work:

Mondays: 11am Coaching Call
Tuesdays: 1pm Coaching Call
Thursdays: 1pm Either a Copy Call or Facebook Ads Call

If you can’t make the live calls, that’s cool. You will also have access to a coaching Facebook Group with all of my coaching clients for collaboration and to get all of your questions answered.

You also receive bonus recordings
from these previous guests:

Jasmine Shea
Create Profitable Memberships

She is the creator of Your Dinner is Planned and the co-founder of the TTC Society Podcast. While working a Human Resources job for a Fortune 500 company, she started exercising, stopped eating fast food, and began to put her health first. As she researched how to make her favorite meals healthy without compromising on the taste, she documented the recipes on Instagram – an account that has now amassed more than 133,000 followers. She's written over 10 cookbooks and flies all over the U.S. to teach healthy recipes, host large dinner parties, conduct hands-on workshops, speak at seminars, and spread healthy recipes to as many people as possible.

Gabriella Lindsay
Improve Your Copy Writing Skills

She is a life management expert, wife, mother of three and creative copywriter who "sold it all" to live a life-by-design on the Pacific coast of Mexico. She helps purpose-filled businesswomen embrace their voice and upgrade their business through transformational copywriting experiences. She believes that every bizfraand, from micropreneurs to 7figpreneurs, deserves outstanding copy that converts. Gabriella is also the author of "Living F.I.T.: A 40-Day Guide to Living Faithfully, Intentionally and Tenaciously."

Keenya Kelly
Grow and Monetize Tik Tok

She is an accomplished business executive, teacher and CEO of If You Brand It, a branding and consulting firm in Redding, CA where she strategically helps business owners go from the formulation stage of a business to developing million dollar brands. She believes that branding is what people say about you when you are not around – that branding is telling them what to say.  Keenya is also an inspirational speaker who found her voice by writing & speaking about understanding your God-given purpose and living up to your fullest potential. She captures her audiences by conveying powerful lessons of overcoming fear, self-doubt, & divorce to creating successful six-figure businesses utilizing her gifts and corporate background.

Brandon Lucero
On Thought Reversals

Brandon is the founder of Video 4x Effect and host of the New Generation Podcast

From 40k in debt to running a Multi-Million Dollar Company with an agency and coaching side. He is a master of messaging, and sharing his insight with us on messaging.

Kim McCarter
On Money Mindset and Manifesting.

In less than eighteen months, she was able to transition from a corporate leadership position into full-time entrepreneurship, pay off over $72,000 in student loan debt, and collectively her students have generated over 4M in profits with Kim’s help.

Liz Germain
On Monetizing with Youtube

Co-founder of Super Sister Fitness, with over 5+ Million views on YouTube, over 100k subscribers on YouTube, and a mult-million dollar business owner.

Dr. C. Shanté Cofield
(the Movement Maestro)
On Instagram Growth

PT, DPT, OCS, CSCS, CF-L1 and 58k+ followers on Instagram later, the Movement Maestrois a social media based company that provides both online and in person education for movement professionals.

Here's What People Say About Working with Beverley

Stacey Schaedler

Owner of Stacey Schaedler Strength 

Keeping up with everything when it comes to social media and marketing when you are a mom of two little ones that’s never actually had an online business is HARD. Pretty much impossible without help. I chose Beverly because I could relate to her and I felt like she could relate to me. I needed a partner. Someone to bounce ideas off of, ask questions and force me outside of my comfort zone. I needed help thinking bigger picture and support when I was feeling lost. Weekly meetings with Beverly kept me moving forward and trying new things. I ran my first challenge, did a Facebook ad and dipped my toes in a membership subscription.

Dr. Shaun Astorga

Co-Founder of AMP Performance Rehab & Sports Physical Therapist

I moved my business online earlier this year and didn’t know what I was doing. I posted random things on random days. People would DM me and I wouldn’t know what to do with the conversation. I knew the big picture direction of my company, but I struggled with taking the necessary actions to get it there. 

I started working with Beverley around 12 weeks ago, and it was the best decision I made for myself and my business. Her approach is principles-based, which resonates well with me. She provides clarity on what needs to be done and is very accessible…I especially appreciated this during my first product launch. 

Since working with Beverley we have consistently increased our online one-on-one client base, as well as launched the beta version of our group mentorship program for other clinicians and trainers. I feel clear on the steps I need to be taking and how to get my message out to my ideal clients. 

I highly recommend working with Beverley if you are struggling to get the results you want with your business!

Romina Kostich

Skilled Strong

I knew I wanted to mentor under Beverley as soon as I saw her speak. The last 12 weeks of group mentorship have pushed me to finally get uncomfortable in the best way possible and put myself and my messaging out into the virtual world - and it worked! I put on 3 clients in 1 week after not having developed new business in almost a year, and I now have a system for growing my audience and converting followers to clients. As soon as I started applying her principles & communicating the value of what I have to offer I started to fall in love with the process & the lessons that come with owning a business. I've grown from feeling lost and anxious, to determined and confident that I'll be as successful as I want to be so long as I put in the work that she has taught me how to do. If you're anything like me having not known where to start or if I could even do this for real, I highly recommend working with Beverley.”

Teresa Teuscher

Owner of T3Fitt

Over the year, I have worked many coaches. It wasn’t until I started working with Bev that I knew i made the right decision. 

Let me back track a little. Bev & I knew each other in a previous life. This kept me a bit on the offense questioning if I wanted to work with someone who I’d previously known? 

I made the decision to take action & signed up with her coaching program. 

Since working with her, I’ve had nothing but growth. She has kept me accountable & challenging me to see things I cannot see. Our weekly meets give me the personal attention I need.

So if you question yourself on investing to grow your business, take it from someone who was apprehensive, you are worth the investment.

Erin Murray

Owner of Erin Murray Wellness

I can't say enough about Beverley. What would my business be without her?? Not much! She has truly been essential in the journey of strategizing my business by helping me get clear on my goals, beliefs, and constructing the offer. She has helped me discover and better understand my audience, and think of my goals in a whole new way. Some of my biggest hurdles have been my mindset, and she's also been critical in helping me shift towards a more abundant mindset that can make business decisions from a positive place. I don't think other coaches could ever help create that shift, which is at the core of the amazing results. And on top of all that, we launched my first product ever and it totally exceeded my expectations and doubled my income. I could not have done this without Beverley at all. She's amazing at what she does and has the energy, knowledge, and skills to execute. I don't want my business to ever not have her presence!

How He Hit His Big Picture Goal Immediately…

The Knowledge & Support He Didn’t Know He Needed…

How She turned Something She loved Into Profit…

Why Every-Step-of-The-Way Support is Invaluable…

How a simple step-by-step process increased her audience and revenue...

I have helped over 100 personal trainers become 6-figure earners and beyond both in person and online, and now it is your turn!

My clients have spent thousands of dollars to work with me in a close intimate setting, and this is the first time I’m bringing anything like this to the market.

Over the past few years, I have seen too many incredibly smart coaches and clinicians struggle to launch their products and services in a way that attracts and connects with their ideal clients.

They continually struggle to get their message out in front of the people who need to see it.

If you don’t reach your ideal clients, you are never going to make the sales that you want, and you will never ever be able to afford or invest in the future that you desire and deserve.

I want to make sure I get this training into as many hands as possible so that I can help you get in front of your people.

The PT Profit Formula may not be cheap, but it shows you how to get real results with all the support, coaching, and accountability that you need to turn your small investment into huge dividends in your future.

This investment will pay you pack for the rest of your life with a business that lets you work less and earn more.

So tell me….

Are you in?

So, Let’s Recap!

When you enroll in the
PT Profit Formula Plus you get access to:

Business Marketing Core Module Training
($997 value)

Organic Audience Building Strategies using
Facebook, Instagram, YouTube Guest Speakers, and TikToc Guest Speakers
($1997 value)

Plug and Play Strategy Maps so that you know exactly what to post and what to say that moves your clients
($1997 value)

Create a Powerful Position with actual content building strategies that will attract connect, and convert your clients using powerful persuasive and influential language.
(997 value)

Bonus Facebook Group Community for the chance to get content reviewed, accountability, support and networking.

Weekly Implementation Trainings so that I can take you by the hand and take you throughout this proven step by step process to help you implement, and you can get your questions answered live.

Weekly Group Coaching Calls so that you get any and all questions answered about YOUR business and get inspired with a likeminded community.

Additional Bonus Guest library from money mindset from millionaire business owners, YouTube, TikTok, Copywriting, and more.
($2997 value)

Enroll in PT Profit Formula PLUS

8 Monthly Payments of $297

And These Bonuses Are Waiting For You When You Join Today

Two Full Fledged Mini-Courses

Pinterest for Fitpros
An entire course dedicated to optimizing your Pinterest so you can generate leads and sales in your sleep.

Build Your Email List
A walk-through that shows exactly how to build your email list by 100 people.

And when you Join TODAY:

17 Ways to Generate Revenue in 7 Days

Bonus Call: How to CLOSE Your High Ticket Discovery Calls
So that you can make back your investment in 30 days or less.

Your Success Is Inevitable

I am so certain that everything you need to generate revenue and be successful is inside of this course, that I am willing to take on all the risk. When you sign up today, and you do the work, show up to the calls, and ask for support but still find that this program has not given you the tools you need to be successful then you have 30 days to try it out and ask for your money back no questions asked.

Former District Fitness Manager for Crunch in Manhattan
turned 6-figure Online Personal Training Business Owner
and a whole lotta lessons learned later…

Hi! I’m Beverley, and when I first became a personal trainer almost 10 years ago, I knew I wanted to help people. Fitness transformed my life. I stopped living in a narcissistic mindset, started loving my body, and helped my clients live a healthy diet free lifestyle.

I got up every morning and hustled in the gym from 6am until 8pm, day in and day out, wanting more than anything to help people feel free from the current and common miserable lifestyles.

I believed that in order to make that happen I needed to become the smartest trainer in the building because science is linear and would help me serve people. 

I got as many certifications as I could get my hands on: NASM CPT, CES, PES, SF, PN 1, PN2, SFG1, CFSC, TRX, Kettlebell Concepts, and so on.

The trouble was that it didn’t matter how smart I was. I needed to learn how to sell my services to my perspective clients and help them see how my certifications would translate into a transformation for them.

Not only did I unleash a powerful burning passion to master the nuances of messaging and copy, I tripled my impact on the general population. I helped hundreds of personal trainers get better at the science of training and sell their products and services.

In fact, I was the fastest growing personal trainer to go from personal trainer to assistant fitness manager to fitness manager to district fitness manager player coach responsible for hiring and developing personal trainers and leaders.

Over the years, I’ve noticed the trainers who work the hardest are often the ones who end up struggling the longest.


Because they operate from the Coach's Curse – knowing that there’s always more out there to learn. It’s a gift for clients who want actual results, but it can often hurt the selling efforts. Clients who need their work often miss it.

I am on a mission to help smart-but-struggling personal trainers and physical therapists finally generate the revenue they want online and make the impact that they desire and deserve.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is this program delivered?
All content will be instantly available to binge for business building success.

What if I want coaching is there an option for help?
Yes, totally get that! I have a 90-day group coaching program that is also available. We're starting on Monday, March 8th.

What if I don't use Facebook?
That’s okay, too! You don’t have to use the Facebook group as part of your program. You can still have a 100% success rate without the Facebook group, but if you ever decide that you want it, it is there for you.

The implementation and group coaching calls will be done via Zoom so that you can participate without using Facebook.

How long do I have the program?
You have lifetime access to the program. As long as the program is still viable and hosted online, you will have access to it and all of the new-and-improved updates along the way.

Is there a refund policy?
Yup! I am so certain that everything you need to generate revenue and be successful is inside of this course that I am willing to take on all the risk. When you sign up today, do the work, show up to the calls, and ask for support but still find that this program has not given you the tools you need to be successful, then you have 30 days to try it out and ask for your money back, no questions asked.

You have a choice!

You can continue to keep doing what you’re doing, grind into the ground, guess and test without knowing what to look for, and hope for the best...

Or you can do it with all the accountability and support that you need to get your business to the next level.

8 Monthly Payments of $297

DISCLAIMER Every effort has been made to accurately represent our products and services and their potential. There is no guarantee that you will earn any amount of money using the techniques and ideas in these materials. Results may vay. The examples in these materials are examples of what’s possible and accurately represent the results of that individual using our products, services, ideas, and techniques and can be verified upon request. Results are entirely dependent on the person using our products, ideas, and techniques. Nor are we responsible for any of your actions. We do not purport any of our products to be a “get rich quick scheme.” 

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