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Physique change without body hate


If you're like most moms, then you might feel like it's IMPOSSIBLE to maintain fitness goals during the holidays without sacrificing your favorite foods. This is why so many wait until the New Year. 

I understand why you feel that way because the fitness industry leads us to believe it's all move more and eat less, but they fail to address the number one reason why we continue stay stuck: the brain.

Hi, I'm Beverley Simpson! I'm thrilled to have you participate in my ActionMadeMamaAcademy coaching group. My hope is that we build confidence in this new body after baby, provide accountability, support, and get lasting results. As a working mom of two young daughters, prioritizing efficiency in the shortest amount of time is essential. This program is designed to build muscle and strength, while giving you the cardio burn safely in the shortest amount of time. Even after years of extensive pre/postnatal education, training clients, managing trainers and fitness managers in NYC, I still tried to operate like I wasn’t pregnant and believed I’d get my body back in three months if I breastfed. My eldest daughter taught me how wrong I was and once I gave myself permission to be ok in this body, I started feeling good about my results.  

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