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You can’t truly and successfully grow your business
until you nail your messaging.

Think of any authority that you look up to that has a thriving fitness business.

Chances are they have sold out programs and filled their calendars with clients, but does every one of them have a massive Instagram following?

What they probably do have that you may not have noticed until now are expertly positioned offers, and they use clear, persuasive language to communicate their expertise.

Can you show me any thought leader today that is unable to effectively communicate their message?

You can’t!

It is no coincidence that every thought leaders have powerful content. Communicating via powerful content is what allows them to become thought leaders and pull in their ideal clients.

You can do that, too!

If you’re like most smart-but-struggling coaches I talk to, the biggest hurdle that keeps most stuck is: "What should I say on social media?"

Which of these questions plays the loudest in your mind?

  • What should I say on Instagram & Facebook?
  • How do I sound different than my colleagues?
  • What do I have to offer that is different?
  • I’m not smart enough. Should I even start?
  • What if I get trolls?
  • What if I say it wrong?

I’ve been there, and I get it – but I wonder if you’ve considered this:

Where are you going to be a year from now if you don’t start creating compelling content that inspires your ideal customer now? Chances are you’ll be doing the same thing you're currently doing, wondering why it feels like you’re begging for clients, spending hours thinking about your posts and then wondering why there’s no engagement. 

That very thought keeps smart coaches stuck and struggling, and the fear of wasting six months – or even years – causes them to NEVER start at all.

Every single coach who gets stuck here and stays stuck here is making one of the biggest mistakes that’s guaranteed to keep them from building the business and creating the impact that will give them the life they want.

The worst part? They don’t even realize they’re making this mistake that is costing them thousands of dollars, hours of wasted time, and loss of impact.

I created this class because I want to help you fix it.

The truth is…

If you don’t create compelling content that converts, you will remain unknown.

Unknown keeps you unpaid.

Show me one successful coach that you look up to that doesn’t create compelling content.

You can’t!

That’s because they know what you may not have realized until now:

When people – including your clients – have a problem, they seek out the coach who both demonstrates authority and connects with them.


A proven method to finally create compelling content that attracts your ideal customers – or your money back!

✅ Position your work to stand apart from others in a crowded market.

✅ Grow your audience on social media with people who want to work with you.

✅ Turn your audience into high paying customers using your social media posts.

Here's What's Inside for You

Five powerful pieces of content templates designed specifically to help you find your own persuasive and influential voice instead of marketing cookie cutter outlines that sound robotic. “I’m looking for five people…”

Short consumable video trainings so that you can access anytime that help you identify the reasons why people don’t buy and teach you how to create the content that can shift that perspective.

A proven process to help you build out 90 days of content that will help you carry your people through an effective and efficient customer experience to go from traffic, lead, to customer.

I guarantee it.

When you grab this course, I guarantee you’ll walk away by the end of the training knowing exactly how to create high converting content or your money back.

Friends, I’m so certain this training is exactly what you need to start earning revenue today that I’m willing to take on the risk. If you decide after the training that you still don’t know what to post on social media, then you’ll just send an email to customer support and I will happily refund you no questions asked.

See Why People Rave About This Training

Why am I charging so little for this training?

I’ve been teaching trainers how to package and sell their products for almost 10 years, and I’ve helped many trainers become 6-figure earners both in person and online. 

Having premium prices allows me to attract the highly committed clients who are ready to take their business to the next level. People pay anywhere from $1k - $20k to work with me in a close intimate setting.

I do not offer anything this inexpensive and chances are I never will again!

So, why now then?

Over the past few years, I’ve seen an number of VERY smart, highly educated trainers and clinicians struggle with posting, and communicating their value, and they stay stuck keeping their profound and transformational services hidden from people who NEED them.

Which means that if you never get this figured out, you won’t go on to make the sales you want and also means that we won’t get the chance to keep working together.

So, for that reason I want to make sure that I get this training into as many hands as possible so that I can help you impact other people as fast as possible.

Communicating your message is ESSENTIAL, and when you finally unlock your own unique way of communicating, and create a powerful message, just consider how many opportunities that will immediately unlock for you.

If you want my help and guidance in doing that, your investment is just $37.

….and remember! If you don’t know what to post by the end of the training, I’ll give you your money back! So, what do you really have to lose?

And by passing on this one-time-offer, have you considered that what you’re really saying is that creating content that converts isn’t worth $37?

I hope not!

So, if you’re ready to finally create content that converts so that you can create a bigger impact and grow your business, get your copy now.

Grab for Just $37

About Your Coach

Former District Fitness Manager for Crunch in Manhattan turned 6-figure Online Personal Training Business Owner and a whole lotta lessons learned later…

Hi! I’m Beverley, and when I first became a personal trainer almost 10 years ago, I knew I wanted to help people. Fitness transformed my life. I stopped living in a narcissistic mindset, started loving my body, and helped my clients live a healthy diet free lifestyle.

I got up every morning and hustled in the gym from 6am until 8pm, day in and day out, wanting more than anything to help people feel free from the current and common miserable lifestyles.

I believed that in order to make that happen I needed to become the smartest trainer in the building because science is linear and would help me serve people. 

I got as many certifications as I could get my hands on: NASM CPT, CES, PES, SF, PN 1, PN2, SFG1, CFSC, TRX, Kettlebell Concepts, and so on.

The trouble was that it didn’t matter how smart I was. I needed to learn how to sell my services to my perspective clients and help them see how my certifications would translate into a transformation for them.

Not only did I unleash a powerful burning passion to master the nuances of messaging and copy, I tripled my impact on the general population. I helped hundreds of personal trainers get better at the science of training and sell their products and services.

In fact, I was the fastest growing personal trainer to go from personal trainer to assistant fitness manager to fitness manager to district fitness manager player coach responsible for hiring and developing personal trainers and leaders.

Over the years, I’ve noticed the trainers who work the hardest are often the ones who end up struggling the longest.


Because they operate from the Coach's Curse – knowing that there’s always more out there to learn. It’s a gift for clients who want actual results, but it can often hurt the selling efforts. Clients who need their work often miss it.

I am on a mission to help smart-but-struggling personal trainers and physical therapists finally generate the revenue they want online and make the impact that they desire and deserve.