Accessible Strength

Accessible Strength: 

So Every Mom Can Fit in Fitness

An 8 - week online coaching program for moms who want to workout and eat healthier, but #momlife gets in the way. 

I've talked to a lot of mamas who told me how they want to move more, eat without dieting, and feel healthier in their bodies. 

But, they lose motivation after a long day of putting work, babies, friends, and family first leaving no time for self-care let alone sleep!

They're overwhelmed with chosing the perfect workout and nervous about the exercises being too hard.

They're exhausted and have no time so they reach for everything they believe they shouldn't have and then feel guilty.

They don't know how to navigate this new and unexpected postpartum body, and now move in pain. 

I understand because I've been in those shoes too. Twice. I got you, mama. I created this program to help you. 

After 8 - weeks in Accessible Strength Coaching Program you can expect:  

Increase consistensity with accountability from me that will ultimetly lead to lasting results.  

Build strength and feel more comfortable working out with a foundation on moving fundamentals so you start to feel strong, without pain, in every position.  

Confidence around your habit formed nutrition plan that allows you food flexibility and freedom from yo-yo diets that don't work.  

To feel supported, heard, and less alone because you're with a community of mamas living similar experiences.

Strategies on how to make peace with your beautiful body so you can start to finally feel more like your old self.

What's Included in Accessible Strength?

Personalized Weekly Workout Plans that you can do from your house in the span of 10-30 minutes so you can fit it in. All the mamas in the program will be doing the same program, but modifications will be available for every mom wanting to participate.

Group Coaching and Accountablity: Consistency is key in any program. Together we'll build a community of moms in a closed Facebook Group all participating to help keep us accountable and motivated. I will be participating in the group by answering questions and providing insights daily.

Private Coaching From Beverley in our Facebook Group! You'll receive all nutrition, mindset, and exercise coaching to help you feeling confident in movement and a safe place for you to ask questions. 

Video Demos of Every Exercise so you have access to the correct form. 

Downloaded Nutrition Coaching PDFs that you will be able to access forever. You'll receive coaching themes and guidelines that will give you a more enjoyable exerpeince around food. 

Hi, I'm Beverley Simpson!!

I'm thrilled to have you participate in my Accessible Strength coaching group. My hope is that we build confidence in this new body after baby, provide accountability, support, and get results.

As a working mom of two young daughters, prioritizing efficiency in the shortest amount of time is essential. This program is designed to build muscle and strength, while giving you the cardio burn safely in the shortest amount of time.  

Even after years of extensive pre/postnatal education, training clients, managing trainers and fitness managers in NYC, I still tried to operate like I wasn’t pregnant and believed I’d get my body back in three months if I breastfed. My eldest daughter taught me how wrong I was and once I gave myself permission to be ok in this body, I started feeling good about my results.  

Here's What People Have Said:

Valerie says, "Beverley is a terrific personal trainer. She pushes me to work hard with humor, praise and lots of variety in our routine. She is always encouraging. I look forward to our time together."


Who is Accessible Strength For?

  • Mamas who are at least 6 weeks postpartum and cleared by a doctor to perform exercise. 
  • Mamas who are ready to make a commitment to themselves to start feeling more confident and stronger.
  • Mamas who are ready to leave food obession and yo-yo diets behind.
  • Mamas who are self-starters but feel supported by a community of mamas doing the same program. 
  • Mamas who want the experience of working with a personal trainer, but can't commit to a strict schedule, have perfect child care set - up, or the financial commitment required. 

Who is Accessible Strength NOT For?

  • Mamas who aren't ready to commit to making a change. 
  • Mamas who want to workout for hours.
  • Mamas who are training for a specific performance based competition.
  • Mamas looking for instantaneous results with little behavior change.
  • Mamas looking for a coach who uses negative reinforcement bootcamp style encouragement. 


When Does the Program Start?

The program is 8 weeks long starting January 29th - March 25th. You will have instant access to the Closed Facebook Group so you can introduce yourself and start connecting with the other mamas in the group. 

How is the program delivered?

Upon purchase, you will receive an email welcoming you to the community and a link to join the closed Facebook Group. The program will be delivered on Sunday, Janurary 28th and will also be uploaded in the Facebook Group. 

Do I have to Participate in the Facebook Group?

No, you don't have to have an account or participate if you don't want to. I will send you the content via email, but I'll need to know that you are not participating. 

Is this program for beginners? 

Yes! Beginners can absolutely participate. Not only will progression and regressions be available, I will be in the Facebook group Monday - Friday answering any and all questions and reviewing form for the movement. 

What if I'm injured?

This program is designed for mamas that are at least 6 - weeks postpartum AND have been cleared by a doctor. If you are working with a physical therapist, you can still participate in this program. 

I have extensive experience and education around pelvic floor and core health. You'll be able to particpate, but it will require communication with me. 

What Equipment do I need? Do I need to join a gym?

You will not need to join a gym. These workouts are designed to fit in to your hectic schedule and you will be able to complete when your schedule allows. 

However, you will need access to 1 set of medium - heavy dumbbells. I also recommend, in addition, 1 set of light dumbbells, medium weighted long resistance band, large exercise ball, and 1 medium weight mini- resistance band. 

I'm worried I won't be able to compelete the program?

Yes, I understand carving time can be difficult. This is why you will have me and the community of mamas helping to provide support and accountability in your process. You will also have the program after the program is over that way you'll be able to complete any and all workouts you may have missed on your own schedule. 

Is there a refund policy? 

This program is for mamas that are ready and commited to making a change. If you are on the fence about participating, now might not be the right time for you. However, there is a 14 - Day money back gaurentee. 

Any Questions? Please feel free to email me!

Important: This program is designed for mamas that are at least 6 - weeks postpartum AND have been cleared by a doctor. 

Mama's, I want you to start feeling great and strong in your body. My hope for you with this program is that you have all the necessary tools to start feeling confident in your fitness routine without pain, without food obession, and doable in your demanding schedule.

This program feels like another one of my babies and I am committed to giving all my best tools and strategies to get you the results you deserve in the most effective and efficent way possible.

Are you ready to take your health and fitness to the next level?